Greaves KTL SNAP Lugs

Enerlites NEW 5.8 amp 3 port USB Receptacles

What is it?

This innovative connector is a mechanically installed compression connection, which imparts compression to the wire by means of grippers and the calibrated snap-off nut.​​

How it Works
When you tighten the nut vs. the body, the nut applies compression to the grippers, then to the wire. When the nut snaps off, the proper pre-set force is applied.

Installation Convenience
Installs with common wrenches.

No bulky compression tool, no tool scheduling hassles, no tool repair problems.  Just select or adjust common wrenches with a tight fit on the hex.

Featuring the Industry’s first 15A tamper resistant receptacle with 5.8Amp, 5V triple USB chargers !

Enerlites High Speed USB ports deliver the most advanced charging technology and optimize current by using a smart chip to reduce charging time to devices! ​

The USB charger receptacle gives you the ability to charge most devices without the use of bulky adapters that can be lost or misplaced, while continuing to power traditional appliances


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