Meltric Corporation’s complete line of industrial duty plugs and receptacles (including the world’s only UL and CSA switch rated plugs and receptacles) are manufactured in a state of the art facility in Franklin, Wisconsin. Corporate headquarters are located under the same roof as the manufacturing facility, allowing for efficient communication and coordination. As a result, many orders ship in less than 24 hours!

Switch-Rated Plugs & Receptacles
Time: 2:56 Min

Electrical Safety
Time: 00:50 Min

DSN Cut Away
Time: 1:41 Min

New DSN 150
Time: 2:01 Min

New DR 400
Time: 2:06 Min

Welding Plugs and Receptacles
Time: 1:51 Min

Quick Motor Change out
Time: 2:07 Min

CS 1000
Time: 3:27 Min

Time: 3:44 Min

Waste Water Solutions
Time: 2:03 Min

Power Cord Drop
Time: 3:05 Min