Topaz is not only the easiest company to do business with, but the friendliest too. Our caring, dedicated sales and customer service teams are always on standby to offer friendly tips and helpful advice for all your Lighting and Electrical Fitting needs.

As a leading manufacturer of Electrical Fittings and LED Lighting products, Topaz offers the latest in commercial and residential LED Lighting. Need help with energy-efficient LED Lamps and stylish LED Fixtures? Or how about durable, security-minded Outdoor Fixtures? You got it! Plus, all kinds of Steel Boxes and Electrical Fittings for any installation, and lots more—just ask.

LED Flat Panel
Time: 2:19 Min

LED Emergency Driver
Time: 6:44 Min

Surface mount LED
Time: 2:15 Min

LED Parking Lot Fixtures
Time: 2:30 Min

EMT Fittings
Time: 16:45 Min

Rigid Fittings
Time: 8:02 Min

BX, Flex, MC
Time: 13:35 Min

Common Raceways
Time: 2:03 Min