Labor Saving


Introducing the Revolutionary

SNAP! Connectors

Greaves has re-invented the compression connector, and electrical contracting just became far easier.

For many years, electrical contractors have had to use conventional compression connectors whenever making reliable wiring connections.  These required specialized gear like heavy hydraulic crimpers, making wiring difficult and cumbersome.  The need to crimp conventional compression connectors could substantially slow down a project, or even bring it to a halt if the proper tools weren’t available or working properly.

Greaves has the solution, a new design for compression connectors. It’s easier and faster to install while delivering results that are just as reliable as the old conventional connectors.  The only tools you need are standard open-end or adjustable wrenches.

You might say it makes wiring a SNAP!

How SNAP! Connectors Work

Our radical re-design has two distinct elements. The body of the SNAP! connector is made of tin-plated copper with a tapered and threaded entry.  This entry also features cut-out windows along the body.  Over that is a brass snap-off nut with heavy-wall sleeve which is tapered to match the body.


Power Bus Way

An engineering innovation in power distribution

Power Bus Way is a cable bus system unparalleled in terms of strength, design flexibility and ease of installation compared to other bus systems.  Each system is specifically designed and configured for your application.  Each system provides all necessary components including straight enclosures in custom lengths, elbow fittings, flanges, weatherproof and fire rated seals for walls, transformers and switch-gear in addition to all cables, cable spacer supports, termination lugs and kits, supports and stainless steel assembly hardware.  3D drawings and detailed installation instructions make installation quick and easy compared to other methods of power distribution.  Because our system maintains a free air rating for each cable we use much less copper than other methods saving you money.  Call us for your next power distribution project.  We’ll save you Time, Money and aggravation.