CSA History

Two quality agencies have united to create a new force in the Florida Electrical Market. Action Electrical Sales and C&S Sales have joined to become CSA Electrical Sales, Inc. Operating since 1978 and a merger since 2003, our office is located in Miami, Florida. Since 1978, both C&S and Action have called on the various elements of the Electrical Industry, establishing reputations, integrity and quality. Our combined line card demonstrates the broad capabilities of our new agency, running the gamut from commodities to highly specified products. These skill sets give us the ability to successfully reach a wide range of markets. Our sales people work every day with our Distributor partners as well as Contractors, OEM’s, MRO’s and Specifying Engineers. CSA Electrical Sales covers the State of Florida, excluding the Panhandle, CSA Electrical Sales is committed to being the finest Electrical Manufacturers Representative. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products and the best customer service and support available.

Mission Statement

CSA Electrical Sales exists by the approval of our customers and the manufacturers we represent.  Our function is to serve our customers’ needs by providing them with flawless service and quality products.  Our responsibility is to provide our principals with a total marketing function, to improve their market position and increase sales in accordance with their growth plan.  We will continually strive for excellence in all aspects of our business

TO BE THE BEST, we must:

  • Conduct our business with the highest of ethical standards.
  • Attract, motivate and retain the most talented people in our industry.
  • Take great pride in the products and service we provide.
  • Maintain a dynamic growth environment, one that promotes teamwork and encourages profitability.
  • Enter only into business arrangements in which all parties will benefit.
  • Realize that the manufacturers we represent are our business partners with whom we share the common goal of profitability.
  • Establish plans and priorities that are consistent with our strategic objectives.

The Marketplace

There is an old adage in sales “He who is the closest to the customer wins!!!”.

Many companies in the electrical industry, including manufacturers, distributors, and representatives have re-engineered their entire business processes in an effort to enhance speed, productivity and profitability.  In short to provide the customer with the products and services they demand.  The real question in today’s market place is “who is the customer?” or more precisely “who are the customers?” and “how do we get close to them?”.

At CSA Electrical Sales we believe that a total marketing function begins with the ultimate user of the products we represent.  For starters, it’s our job to know more about our products and more about our competitors products than anyone else.  Once we are armed with product knowledge we focus on developing a relationship with our customers so we can better understand their needs.  Our goal is to introduce value and solutions, replacing price as the central part of the selling equation.

Needless to say, selling value and solutions are far more difficult than peddling a price.  We believe, however, that its the only way to build and maintain long term growth for ourselves and the manufacturers we represent.