Safety NFPA 70E


Fused Coordination Panelboards

Mersen’s Fused Coordination Panelboard is designed to meet requirements defined by the National Electrical Code (NEC) to protect critical power operations. These panels are provided with a default short circuit current rating (SCCR) of 200kA and provide overcurrent protection through a combination of a circuit breaker and a fuse. The circuit breaker is designed to operate on overloads up to 2 times their rating and the fuse over 2 times up to 200kA. Mersen’s Fused Coordination Panelboard can simplify the process in achieving code compliance for designers.


Meltric’s Safety Guide makes understanding NFPA 70E a breeze

Having a hard time wading through the articles and codes in the NFPA 70E book?  Let Meltric help.  Meltric speaks code and translates it into English in this Safety Guide.  Meltric is in the forefront when it comes to plant safety.  Their patented Switch rated decontactor is the only industrial plug and receptacle on the market that will keep your plant electricians out of PPE’s during simple motor change outs and moving welders.  Meltric keeps simple tasks both simple and safe saving you time and money.


Compliance Made Easy, Efficient

Keep energized electrical equipment closed during inspection, and easily comply with OSHA, NFPA 70E, CSA Z462 and similar electrical safety mandates.  Closed-panel inspections eliminate inherently high-risk tasks, such as removing panels or opening hinged doors, making your work processes safer for personnel, plant assets and processes.

The more efficient work processes can reduce inspection costs by 75% to 95% while improving safety.


Sometimes you just have to put on PPE’s

With Cementex you don’t wait weeks for a pair of gloves.  We ship the products you need quickly.  From Arc rated rain gear to 40 cal suits we inventory a complete line of PPE.  Cementex also carries the most extensive line of 1000 volt insulated tools in the industry.  We are your 1 stop shop for Hot Sticks, insulating matts and blankets and grounding sets as well.  Be Smart, be safe, call us with questions.